Birth-ways - Supporting you in birthing your way
About Me I am a wife of 29years, mother of 3 grown children and Grammy to 2 beautiful grandbabies.I had the privilege of being my daughters doula for both births-one in hospital and the second at home.
My Doula training is through DONA International. I completed my initial midwife assistant training at The Farm in Summertown, TN. with Pamela Hunt, Ina May Gaskin and other midwives from there. I have also worked with a home-birth midwife.
I believe we, as women, were made to birth our babies . This is best accomplished in todays society through proper nutrition, education and a desire to take control of our birth by listening to our bodies and not allowing a natural process to be turned into a medical procedure. After all, we are not sick, we are pregnant! I look forward to helping women learn to trust the birthing process and actually feel empowered by birthing in their own way.I do know there are times when medical intervention is absolutely necessary, but it should not and does not have to be the rule. 
Please feel free to contact me if  you would like more information.   
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